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     Hilda Fernandez Cazares is a South Texas Visual Artist. She is currently based in San Antonio, Texas. She is an Undergraduate Student at The University of Texas at San Antonio. She is studying for her Bachelors in Fine Arts with a concentration in Painting. She is an Abstract Artist whose work is centralized around the human subconscious. She has exhibited at The Laredo Center for the Arts and The Laredo Public Library.


  My works stems from how statistically people are already born with certain decisions made for them. As people grow, they either reinforce those decisions or break the cycle. I seek to understand how much of who people are as individuals has been predetermined. Psychologically speaking Inherited Trauma is a concept that pushes me to understand how not only through statistics but genetically everyone is born with certain choices embedded into their being. Furthermore, Cultural Anthropology greatly informs my work as I look at the culture created by the individual. Different points of view can alter what is considered right or wrong. All in all, how do people justify who they believe they are. What lengths are people willing to go to in order to either fight against their obstacles or play victims to their situations? How do people truly make themselves a unique individual? I seek to explore the navigation of life through the subconscious. How much of people's decision making is formed in the subconscious.  As a mother, I am filled with questions of how my personal life will influence my child's. Even how my parents may have affected mine.  I am heavily influenced by Abstract Expressionism and Surrealism. My work is informed through process as a metaphor of how to “deal”. I use materials as my focus. Their construction mentally and physically help me break away from traditional painting. I concentrate on creative elements like, rhythm, color and pattern. I look to see if I truly am making decisions based what I am discovering as I work, or the fact that each decision is informed by the previous means that at a biological and psychological level all decisions are predetermined.


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